Phase VIII Expansion – Florida Gas

  • VersaTech Designed, Built, Programmed, Tested, Installed, and Commissioned an Array Control Systems Including PLC, HMI, ESD, and Fire & Gas Systems
  • The Control Network Included 25,000 I/O, 103 PLC Control Panels, and 59 Remote I/O Panels Installed Across 20 Compressor Stations
  • The Florida Gas Pipeline System Traverses Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, & Florida


The Florida Gas Phase VIII Pipeline Expansion was a multi-year automation project completed by VersaTech Automation Services. This project included the re-automation of Unit & Station Control on the vast Florida Gas Pipeline network extending from South Texas to South Florida. VersaTech was responsible for the design, fabrication, programming, and FAT testing of numerous Station Panels and Unit Control Panels, and for the installation, commissioning, and startup of these control panels at field locations throughout the pipeline network. The scope included substantial logic programming (Allen-Bradley ControlLogix®) and graphics programming (Wonderware InTouch®) and included Process Control, Engine Control, Safety Systems (ESD / Fire & Gas), and Flow Measurement. Each station control system is networked allowing for centralized control and monitoring of the entire pipeline network from Houston, Texas.

Phase VIII Expansion MapPhase VIII Expansion PLC Panel

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