Eagle Ford Shale – Various Customers

  • VersaTech Performs I&E Construction and Commissioning Work at Well Site Installations and Gas Gathering / Compressor Stations Throughout South Texas
  • VersaTech Currently has a Permanent Workforce of 50 to 60 I&E Construction Personnel Located at the Dilley, TX Facility
  • VersaTech’s Dilley, TX Office Serves Dilley, Carrizo Springs, Kennedy, and other Surrounding Areas of South Texas
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Big Foot Chemical Injection System – Chevron

  • The Big Foot Chemical Injection Skid has 70 Chemical Injection Points with Discharge Pressures up to 10,000 PSI & Flow Rates up to 63 GPM
  • The Skid Package is 30’L x 30’W x 29’H and has a dry weight of 125 Tons
  • The Process System Utilizes Super Duplex Pipe a Tubing  Throughout
  • VersaTech Expended 41,000 Man-Hours for System Design, Fabrication, & Testing

The Chevron Big Foot Chemical Injection System was a collaborative effort between VersaTech and its chemical injection partner Lewa Pumps+Systems. Lewa was awarded the contract by Chevron and Lewa provided front end flow assurance engineering as well as pumps, motors, meters, dampers, and chemical tanks.  VersaTech provided detailed engineering including solid modeling of the entire system as well as structural design, structural analysis, structural fabrication, painting, pipe welding (SCH160 2507 Super Duplex), pipe fitting, instrument supports, installation of tubing tray, cable tray, instrument tubing, process tubing, instrument cable, power cable, lighting, and testing of the entire system. VersaTech designed and built a PLC based Process Control System and provided programming of PLC logic as well as the Graphical User Interface. The Big Foot Chemical Injection System was assembled and tested at Versabar’s indoor high bay fabrication facility next to the Intracoastal Waterway in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

Chemical Injection Skid 01

Chemical Injection Skid 02

Chemical Injection Skid 3D Solid Model Design

Chemical Injection Skid 04

Chemical Injection Skid 05


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Alen Gas Project – Noble Energy EG Ltd.

  • VersaTech Provided a Crew of 30 Commissioning Technicians
  • The Alen Project Included One Central Production Platform (CPP) and One Wellhead Platform (WHP) with a Total Production Capacity of 350 MMSCFD and 30,000 BPD of condensate
  • VersaTech Performed Pre-Commissioning Services in Amelia, LA and Final Commissioning Services Onsite in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa


VersaTech provided commissioning technicians during the construction execution phase in Amelia, LA and followed the platforms to Equatorial Guinea for start-up and commissioning.  VersaTech performed instrumentation, electrical, and mechanical commissioning services.  The crew peaked at 30 people including lead positions working directly for Noble Energy EG, plus teams of commissioning technicians working in the field.

 Instrument and electrical commissioning technicians performed pre-commissioning and commissioning activities and assisted with the verification and start-up of components such as control systems, control panels, and control loops. The work scope included calibration and tuning, communication systems, fire & gas systems, and all other systems needed to make the Alen Facility functional.

 Mechanical commissioning technicians had millwright or process backgrounds and performed duties such as lube oil flushing, torque verification, valve alignments, valve repairs, compressor alignments, testing and start up of diesel engines, running turbines (with vendor reps), shaft alignments, crane preparation, and general start-up tasks.

Commissioning Technicians 01

MCC Switchgear Control Room

Commissioning Technicians 03

Commissioning Technicians 04

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Phase VIII Expansion – Florida Gas

  • VersaTech Designed, Built, Programmed, Tested, Installed, and Commissioned an Array Control Systems Including PLC, HMI, ESD, and Fire & Gas Systems
  • The Control Network Included 25,000 I/O, 103 PLC Control Panels, and 59 Remote I/O Panels Installed Across 20 Compressor Stations
  • The Florida Gas Pipeline System Traverses Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, & Florida


The Florida Gas Phase VIII Pipeline Expansion was a multi-year automation project completed by VersaTech Automation Services. This project included the re-automation of Unit & Station Control on the vast Florida Gas Pipeline network extending from South Texas to South Florida. VersaTech was responsible for the design, fabrication, programming, and FAT testing of numerous Station Panels and Unit Control Panels, and for the installation, commissioning, and startup of these control panels at field locations throughout the pipeline network. The scope included substantial logic programming (Allen-Bradley ControlLogix®) and graphics programming (Wonderware InTouch®) and included Process Control, Engine Control, Safety Systems (ESD / Fire & Gas), and Flow Measurement. Each station control system is networked allowing for centralized control and monitoring of the entire pipeline network from Houston, Texas.

Phase VIII Expansion MapPhase VIII Expansion PLC Panel

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VB-10,000 Marine Lifting Vessel – Versabar, Inc.

  • VersaTech Provided PLC Based Lift Control, Dynamic Positioning, and Safety Systems Including Panel Design, Permitting, Fabrication, Programming, FAT Testing, Installation, Commissioning, Startup, Maintenance, & Operational Field Support
  • The System Includes 2,500 I/O, 150 Control Panels / J-Boxes, Five (5) Control Consoles, Three (3) Control Rooms, Six (6) MCC Rooms, Nine (9) Generators, and 200,000 ft. of Marine Cable
  • The VB-10,000 is Based in Sabine Pass, Texas Conducting Mobile Operation in Gulf of Mexico Offshore Waters


VersaTech provided control, safety, monitoring, and power systems on the VB-10,000, a U.S. flagged marine lifting vessel. Currently, the VB-10,000 is docked in Sabine Pass, Texas and services the Gulf of Mexico. The VB-10,000 is classified as a self-propelled, DP3 class vessel. It has eight, 1,000HP engine / hydraulic thrusters controlled by a DP3 control system. The vessel’s approximate dimensions are 290’L x 300’W x 250’H.  The vessel contains four, 300-ton primary hoist winches and four, 100-ton supplemental hoist winches. The winches are engine / hydraulic driven. VersaTech was responsible for the design, permitting, fabrication, programming, installation, commissioning, startup, maintenance, and ongoing field support for the PLC based (Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® & Allen-Bradley FactoryTalk View SE®) lift and load measurement system, the safety system (fire & ESD), the motor control systems, and the power generation / distribution systems. The PLC system interfaces with and controls a Kongsberg DP3 System. Each vessel is networked via satellite link allowing for remote data monitoring of the vessels as well as real time PTZ video.

VB-10,000 U.S. Flagged Marine Lifting Vessel

VB-10,000 Lift & Tow

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